Line 6 Spider II 15
Line 6 Spider II 15
guitar maniac 04/13/2005

Line 6 Spider II 15 : guitar maniac's user review


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It is a 15 watt amp transistor.
It has on the front came to a cd or mp3 to allow music to play on a (very practical)
There are 6 Chorus flanger, reverb, tremolo, phaser, and two kinds of echo (sweep and tape) left two buttons
There are 4 channels a "clean" "crunch" "metal" "insane"
Only downside: no entry for a footswitch but it's not very annoying because if you have a pedal apart it does not matter at all!
But this is offset by a noise gate of very good quality and a boost ki is really!!


This must be the easiest amplifier to use in the world! lol just fupport a hard button to select the channels and settings are really simple.
The manual is super light and more is in four languages, including french and allows presets to note not to forget


The sounds are very good especially the channel that achieves Insane sounds Dement!
The crunch channel is good and the metal channel is great it can really get the sounds made of metal!
The clean channel is good but if you put the boost on the clean channel you get a little distortion is good but not too serious
This amp provides a very wide range of sound and good quality
The effects are of great good qualities (the reverb!)


I have been using less than a year following very satisfied and I I love the fact that it is equipped with a boost and a gate and nose rings made vremeni hard to kil a 15 watts! !
The ratio Q / P is more than satisfactory because I paid under 200 euros and I met following totalemen