Line 6 Spider II 15
Line 6 Spider II 15
Slipknot[mike] 01/16/2005

Line 6 Spider II 15 : Slipknot[mike]'s user review


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Small Amp 15watts but having more epuissance after a fender 15W exmeple ..
- Taking Headphones, taking guitar (.....) and a plug for connecting a CD player or other pr switch background music.
- Reverb, echo, tremolo effect, Chorus and Flange Chorus.


Easy adjustment, since the number of selectors (5 for sound, two effects)
Manuel fairly clear and available online in pdf format.
-Easily change between "Clean", "Crunch", "Metal" and "INSANE !!!!" (Just a click of a button).

This amp is all that is simpler in terms of use.


- Playing a lot of metal this amp suits me perfectly including the type "Insane" with a huge distortion!
-The sound is very correct with respect to distortion, (Metal, Insane ...) however, his "Clean" is disappointing compared to a fender, a little soulless ... and I find that the toothless Crunch (paradox? lol) but it is very versatile.


I use it for 6 months and I'm still satisfied even if Marshall might have been the welcome for a comparable price. For the sake of brevity I will say that this amp is a little amp versatile enough, but is best suited for fans of Metal or another, but for those who are interested only in sounds clear, they can find better now! (Fender. ..)
The value for money remains honest.
If I had the opportunity to buy an amp I'll stay on my little Line 6 because I think it is for a first amp, very convenient (I play in my room ...).