Line 6 Spider II 210
Line 6 Spider II 210

Spider II 210, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Line 6 in the Spider II series.

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Septicaemia 10/11/2004

Line 6 Spider II 210 : Septicaemia's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Modlisation-transistor amplifiers.
2x60watts stro-120watts.
-2 HP celestion 10 *.
12ampli-modliss, 7effets (chorus, flanger, tremolo, delay, reverb ...)

Very beautiful! "It throws" a real Christmas tree ... like all the Spider II, about 21kilos, quite large ...

one little regret labscence casters ... It was a small but dtails soon forgotten!


4mmoire, a footswitch (very handy to quickly change or distortion in the saturated its clean!)
rglages need to do when the pig thing gonna own ... but it is on the front passience davoir his "sound" and many el Taking Charge!


A large panel of his ... a good clean sound, good distortion, simulation, 2CH, red and green!
Clean Green: Hiwatt Custom 100
Clean red??
Twang Green fender tweeddeluxe 53, tweed bassman 58
Twang Red: 65 Fender Twin Reverb, blackface deluxe reverb and 64 borwn face Vibroverb 63
Green Blues: Vox AC-30
Red Blues: Marshall JTM-45, Fender Bassman 58, Fender Vibroverb 63
Crunch Green: Marshall Plexi 100 watt 68
Crunch Red: Marshall 50 watt Plexi 63
Metal Green??
Red Metal: Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier
Insane Green:??
Insane red??

jai test with an Ibanez RG 370 DX

all sounds are correct and well immitis! that the choice! It sounds a little cold still ... "But do not push it in pp nomplus nettles!" lamp is not at all! otherwise the clean sound is very beautiful! distortion and diversify! push a little volume and vrouammmmmmmmmmm! dcolle wallpaper!


I test about 20 minutes in a mag because I wanted to zic TEWT before ordering my Spider II 212, jai loccasion was therefore to test the 210 and 112!

It is very beautiful! does not heat! (Large radiator damn good), rather heavy! (21kilos approximately) a very good report quality price! are the rglages prcis! good power! and no parasite or breath as the Marshall Valvestate range and MG! (In trot Valvestate 8080 and MG 100 DFX)

I'll take the 212 for AC power and more than 12 speakers *! So best is due DEFINITIONS and more serious! without the ca 210 ets a good amp! and cheap!