Line 6 Spider II 212
Line 6 Spider II 212

Spider II 212, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Line 6 in the Spider II series.

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benny27 10/03/2005

Line 6 Spider II 212 : benny27's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Nothing to say, see other opinions ...


Configuration simple enough, seulsn effects are a bit hot to be addressed and more gadgets than anything else, ms good, if you really want a wide range of sounds and effects, more good pedal and a good multi effects!
However we get a good sound very easy, although as is often the factory presets pretty average st, sc we can find a few prs in the DSIR's March 2 mins which is quite rara on amp alone!
the manual is quite clear and simple English ms (no pb pr me since 1year gvcu london .. hh


Personal I'm pretty htroclite o nivo consquen musical and I play a style not particularly zik, ms in any case, it suits me perfectly!
Those who say that are not super clean st surment Otres not test the amps in the same price range, as has the distortion is a killer!!
So for me, because c nickel by fiddling a bit, you get a great sound ossi well saturated and clean that despite my pacifica which is aging, and, even if it is of great value quality awards, must not guitars!
But those who compare it to any light, I remind them that it's a transistor amp, and the price goes with it! Are you comparing a renault or peugeot porsche or ferrari ..???


In short, amp ouf !!!!!
Honestly, a lot of g essay amps more or less similar and in particular the reference in the matter MG100DFX (gt that party also buy the day or bought my spider g), and c not comparable! Ok c almost 100euros more compared o marshall ms qd same! Just play 2 more pr realize the difference! The Clean ST bcp hottest and distos not even comparable!
Attention, I'm not saying that the best amps c and c on a is not that a brand lamps, ms again compare what is comparable!!
For someone looking for a versatile amp and an affordable price, I think c ds simply the best in this price range! There is, ease of use, sound quality, especially POWER! !
So if I were to choose a new amp with the same budget (no more than 500euros), I will return without hsiter!!