Line 6 Spider IV 120
Line 6 Spider IV 120

Spider IV 120, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Line 6 in the Spider IV series.

sebaquilon 04/02/2010

Line 6 Spider IV 120 : sebaquilon's user review


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75 watt amp, connections ultra complete
deficiency may be an output for connecting an additional HP is good but not annoying at all.
the settings are fairly intuitive, very little need for the manual.
I have not yet bought a pedal that goes with it, but I think it's necessary to use it peacefully.


it's pug & play!
short manual, quick and easy to read
sound banks have the huge advantage of this amp and the looper function.
it sounds right away, no frills and sound "artists" are really credible.


but then I always always played on lamp rack or cabinet + head, and by dint of being tired of me takes it up the skull for a super good sound, I made some compromises that I do not regret absolutely not.
lamps is unmistakable, it's great, I would never otherwise the above, but still be able to exploit it. This is not playing 1 or 2 on the master that the real attack his lamp.

to play metal, rock, is used at home and it's enough that more widely.


I've had three days
I tested all configs possible before I return to a little something flexible and well enough for me.
I love her very reasonable weight and size rather compact, especially the sound coming out of it all.
the loop is very handy too.
I think that for 300 euros on the value price of 75 watts is unbeatable

I remake that choice without hesitation, and is a follower of his lamp, which you said that.
the volume is huge for the 75 watts.