Line 6 Spider IV 120
Line 6 Spider IV 120

Spider IV 120, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Line 6 in the Spider IV series.

thedarkness68 08/03/2010

Line 6 Spider IV 120 : thedarkness68's user review

«  One of the best transistor amp at this price. »

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This is a transistor amp modeling power 120watt RMS (2x60watt because with 2 speakers Celestion 10-inch).

Side connector it has a guitar input, an output Phone / Direct Out, a site for connecting FBV pedal and a must: a 3.5mm input that allows connection Ipod, Mp3 and all this stuff.

For the settings it has 16 amp models: Clean / Class A / Twang / Blues / Hi Gain / Crunch / Metal / Insane 20 effects plus intelligent and more than 300 presets created by artists, with nearly 200 presets Based legendary songs, as well as 16 banks of 4 user programmable channels (handy again).

I put a Sept. 9 because it lacks a line out a pre-amplified, but the rest is, however, very well equipped.


For configuration, it is a big advantage of this amp: it's all electronic! There is a wealth of hallucinatory presets for those who do not see how running an Advent equalo and for those who want something more "personal" can activate the "manual" mode, and there is a rule as you will, as a good old amplifier, and recorded our set at one of 64 sites (Yes 16 banks of 4 channels it is a lot!) provided for this purpose.
And then of course, the presets are very well made and summers are easily obtained from all possible sounds from clean to metal magnificent ultra-saturated through the crunch and blues of course.

It also features a lot of great features simpas, as chromatic tuner, MP3 and took it especially the "Loop Station" which can be good rhythm and then play the solo on it.

The manual can be useful if you do not want to try to understand how it works, but between us is very simple!


This amp is very suitable for my (my?) Style (s) of music, namely metal mainly, but also a bit of good old rock, blues and anything that comes to mind.

I play with an ESP / Ltd F-250 with EMG 81/85 installed (great classic metal!).

To the sounds there with a shovel, so I'll explain this rather schematically that can come out of the beast:

-The "Clean": Very very nice clean sound, without exaggeration we believe that the little lamp to have a good neck pickup is warm, it's beautiful, large clean is one of the best of transistor amp I've heard!

-The "crunch" is pretty saturated for the crunch but we will not complain, with little gain was a good blues sound simpa increases more and more you get a sound to ACDC, Green Day , Danko Jones ... etc..

-The "hi-gain": Here it begins to saturate well, with little gain we find these sounds to the TDCA but it is especially high gain for all lovers of sounds very bold to Nickelback is the foot, it explodes!

-The "metal" is where its gets really heavy, a big Disto style "Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier," very greasy, dirty (in a good way), powerful, with very beautiful Palm Mute "strongly resembling the sound of metallica.Le Lead guitarist in my group with her Boss ML2 metalcore crying.

-The "Insane" Here we find sounds very heavy style Carcass, Slipknot, Rammstein ... etc..

My favorite sounds are the "clean" and "metal" that I use most often, but if not the quietest sounds you will agree other perfectly.


I use this amp for a little less than a year (purchased directly at its outlet), I am very satisfied, I think it's one of the best amps transistors for that price.

Like everything in this amp, it is powerful (enough to play in concert repeats), easy to use, and quality for the very pro modélisation.Le only fault I found was him the absence of Line Out which is present on all other amps at this price.

I tried the Fender (Frontman, Super Champ XD any lamp), the Marshall (MG series) Peavey (ValveKing any lamp) and my favorite remains the Line 6.

I judge the value for money exelente, although they may well give the footswitch for this price with this choice là.Je would do without hesitation because it is ideal in its price range.