Roland Blues Cube BC-60
Roland Blues Cube BC-60

Blues Cube BC-60, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Roland in the Blues Cube series.

MGR/Waltzing Gorilla 06/24/2002

Roland Blues Cube BC-60 : MGR/Waltzing Gorilla's user review

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$439 plus tax and shipping from Musician's Friend. I was looking for a responsive and flexible amp, big enough to do club dates but not so heavy as to throw my back out. I think I found it.

I think the Blues Cube is the best kept secret in guitar amps. Though this is solid state, it is easily as responsive as most tube units. Better than many. Dig in with your pick and it SPEAKS, back off and it croons. Two channels - each w/ 3 bands of EQ - global reverb and presence, effects loop and switchable rectifier sounds. Nice.

It's name says it, this is a BLUES amp. It'll clean up to do jazz and country. Crank the "lead" channel distortion and easily do classic shred rock. You want death metal distortion - buy a pedal. But Texas road house blues? Now we're talkin'.

I had to buy a Boss FS-5L foot pedal and cable seperately for hands free channel swtiching. Should be included. Also would like to have a cover at least available, if not included. Any serious roadworker is going to drop it in an Anvil or SKB case for travel but say you have a two week sit down gig - you're going to want to put a cover over it during the day.

Solid! No loose screws or nuts. No gaps in the joints or Tolex. Crank it up - no rattles. Roland has a great reputation for quality. This amp is true to that rep.

People rhapsodize about how great tube amps sound. Not always! I've either played, or had sidemen that played, Fenders (including Deluxe, Princeton, Twin, Bassman, Dual Showman, Concert Reverb) Ampeg (sweet), Sunn, Marshall, Supra and Vox (wretch!). Some sounded good, some sucked. Your sound is a combination of THE AMP, THE GUITAR AND THE PLAYER! An over-priced tube amp is no guarantee of great sound.

Tube amps require maintenance. Ever broken a tube on load-out and had to scramble for a 6L6GC in Moscow, Idaho on a Sunday morning? Or had your last 12AX7 crap out in mid set? Not fun.

The Blues Cube is a well built, practical, versatile amp for a working (or would-be working) picker. It excells in a variety of blues sounds but serves well in other styles. A good investment.

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