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Jahkal 06/10/2005

Vox AD30VT : Jahkal's user review


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This amp is no longer a transistor amp, an amp or any fact lamp. It has a lamp in the circuit we can perceive through the back gate of the rear face. Marketing coup!

Power 30 watts, but honntement it here must as much as my old 80 watt Marshall Valvestate.

Modlisations 11 amp and 11 Intgr effects more or less paramtrables: chorus, flanger, tremolo, delay, phaser, auto-wah. Some effects are combined on a same position knob (comp + chorus for example). Also a rducteur noise for large distos.

The amp can be modlisations RULES in every way, but there are also a function that preset Submitted dj "good rglages" when selecting a simulation of amp. Each simulation can be RULES in the volume and the gain level for saturation.

Unfortunately, we can not always use more effects. However, is better than to mess look 10 effects in a piece of 5 minutes. Turning the knob between songs and it jou.

2 user memory (yes, that little) for your two sounds prfrs
VERY USEFUL pdalier with 2 buttons sold as an option (but it fits my marshall) we recall the two memory with the switch on the left and cut with the effect select the right one. And is gnial! Genre: I do my rhythmic distortion and no effect for my soo j'enclenche the time limit that will make my notes last for a long time.

Note, a headphone jack in front rear.

The reverb is an effect Entire hand and is not subject to rglage hand injury.

A knob on the rear face can play with rglages lowering the output volume. Useful for not nerver its neighbors.



The rglages are intuitive and easy
For those who do not want to take the head, the amp simulation can be paramtres calls with pre-rgls (preset function) and then be modofis.

Sounds are INTERESTED, other than those obtained with my x behringer v-amp. There are really Difference between each simulation.

Manuel trs clear 25 pages. There's no need to learn more. It's a simple amp to use trs.


I play rock too mtal, funk and it's perfect.
My guitar is a fender tlcaster Mexico. combines well with a sound a little crunch.
I do not sound too mtal style super-80s, but the others are perfect.


I bought There's 3 days
Tomorrow I play with. Front of a microphone for sound recovery and presto!
I love his versatile ct, weight (12 kg), its small size, its front mtallise.

I tried other models before buying, especially with effects Intgr amp (behringer V-AMPIRE, gfx marshall, fender, line 6 spider) that does not convince very promptly because be too heavy and too complicated rgler before THE son.Pis too expensive ... I do not see the intrt to have a 100 watt amp that RULES of 1 in volume if it dchire everyone (like fender hot rod). I prfre stick a microphone to the recovery in concert.

The price: 300 euros, it's really given this amp for quality. My dealer is aligned with the cheapest price, so I take advantage!

Black dots: no reverb effects distinct from the other, only 2 memory used. It would have taken at least 4, with the bypass effect, sufficient c'tait
I do it again this choice without hsiter.