Vox DA20
Vox DA20

DA20, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Vox in the DA series.

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leo2206 06/09/2011

Vox DA20 : leo2206's user review

«  Good amp nomadic version wild ox ... »

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So it's a transistor amp we're talking about, with the faults of the transistor (it will not take the controversy). So colder than the lamp but also much more mobile, and that's why I chose the beast.
Power delivered to 20 W.
It has 3 settings on battery 1/0.5W, 2/1.5W, 3/5W.
Mains (internal transformer) 3 1/0.5W settings, 2/1.5W 3/20W.
It was available in 11 amp 2 clean, 3 blues, 2 crunch, 3 hight gain, 1 drive.
I love the blues to clean then it's ... (Transistor) friends of heavy look elsewhere.
More than 11 effects, or a combination effect.

Connectivity is good here too: connecting guitar (well hopefully), line out / headphone phone or sound, which came to about ¼ "(mp3, beatbox and I know ...), branch dynamic microphone with volume control .

To cause all this 2 HP's 8-inch is not too down in the grave but connected to 20W drummer will listen, believe me!


Come on, I saw 10 to put the price where the machine is now almost as opportunities. I paid mine € 100 so not much, it's almost indecent.
For me the use of this device.
1 / Repeat Ouam quiet home.
but most beef out any-where even the street like a microphone, a guitar, a little mp3, batteries and go on.
For settings were not necessarily "the" sound, but we approach a bit all kinds without being ridiculous at all, or take the lead in setting.


Very good results in clean, ballad, blues, we enjoy. The overdrive is little to do but it's not his thing.
In any case with a Start Pacifica SSH is really little to touch everything.


It's true I'm an amateur, music for me is only if we get pleasure. There I found a good deal when it is really fun.
No problem with the banker, or with neighbors (0.5W) or mobility.
Sides least one other channel would have been nice, but hey it should be reminded of the price.
Last point I version DA20 CL ​​and then type finish VC15 I LOVE!