Vox DA20
Vox DA20

DA20, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Vox in the DA series.

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RomyJoe 06/12/2011

Vox DA20 : RomyJoe's user review

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Idem previous notices ... Transistor Amplifier - 20 Watts - 1 input - 1 Line / Phone - At 1 In - 1 microphone input with volume control ...

Plus: Pre 11 and 11 adjustable effects (more or less).
Note for example the small whawha automatic, surprising realism. I also love the Rotary (light control).


Reading the manual required initially for the determination of these effects. Otherwise, the type 2 buttons with which you find the sound on ...


Whaaaa! Frankly, for 20 watts, it still sends a lot. See global opinion ...


For years I was fed up of my 50W Marshall Combo ... I started trying to Vox amps: I always liked the sound at the same time round and clean, and able to crunch sent the dice just one tape. So that's what I wanted. I first tried the AC15. Frankly: Sound Vox. It was a great start to what I expected. But it is a bit large (I'm looking for something for home / home studio). Rudimentary wish: two buttons and such go ahead t'envois sauce! Then I tried the 15 Pathfinder. Not bad at all. The template is excellent and it spits it right for a little thing! I was almost ... Right next: The DA20! All the benefits of previous such SOUND! But in addition, many adjustments amp and some effects. All sounds from blues and powerful punk bavouillant round and when you push the baby! I am not a specialist in Trash, but I think it's not ideal for a hardeu. Anyway There's all that is in other brands. As against the guys, I'm super happy with my purchase! It is terrible. There is even a small noise gate super easy to adjust: it is convenient when you push the gain. I have for about a year and have a blast like a beast! Oh, I forgot: I do not know how but the volume is incredible to 5 master and gain is already big sound for my room! To see if this is repeated enough in front of a battery? As a result, the small power selector (20w / 5w / w 1.5) is useful. I am so glad I bought the model as 5 watts! Exactly the same benefits with the addition, the ability to supply it with six large batteries: excellent for the beach. Bye ...