Vox DA20
Vox DA20

DA20, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Vox in the DA series.

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clouds-of-heaven 04/18/2008

Vox DA20 : clouds-of-heaven's user review


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A transistor amplifier
20 Watt
1 input
1 Line / Phone
1 Aux In
1 microphone with adjustable volume

11 Pre Amp with 11 Effects

From clean to metal sound, with great effect to whawha via Flanger Delay and reverb,


Very simple configuration, with a good sound gets quite quickly, even when the manual was read. Viewpoint manual is comprehensive and sympathetic reading. Normally it is classified as "mobile amp" but I find that it is not too Nomad. OK we just put batteries and adjust the power output in watts, but it is still very heavy.


It is not too much for my style of music because its saturated are very rough for my taste, but it started very well, then I think that is clear / Blues are EXCELLENT. For the saturated it is possible that the scratches came from my (Tenson SG) for the overdrive, bof, the sound is very ugly


I use it for 5 months and I'm not too good amp it anyway. A real say I did not essaiyé too many models, can be a Peavy and Roland's it.
The value for money is very good
With experience, and the low price I would not have redone my choice