Behringer V-Ampire LX1200H
Behringer V-Ampire LX1200H

V-Ampire LX1200H, Modelling Guitar Amp Head from Behringer in the V-Ampire series.

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To0061 12/28/2004

Behringer V-Ampire LX1200H : To0061's user review


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Modulation amplifier, 2x60W.
C the connections in jack or XLR, two MIDI outputs pr Tlcharger effects from the net for example and it connects mono or Stereo.
nivo rglage as usual, trebble bass, treble, reverb, volume, gain
The volume is good ossi gnral, and the effect such nivo can fall the volume of the selected effect
uh otherwise Indeed, while flanger, compressor, chorus, pingpong, delay, phaser, wah and Pliny of the pr and pi ur distortion, the fuzz and crunch, the ac c amp simulator !!:-)
also, there is a display and the LEDs indicate the pr rglage everywhere, has a nice effect fai qd is lighter!


Nivo configuration, g vraimen pa has to complain, c well organized, the effect of a cot in the rglge gnraux ur and amp simulation o the middle, a DC will.
alor nivo sound, good guitar playing too franchemen May, the sound is exellent, san about the enregistremen. This is perfect t ^ te ossi pr play well as to register!
As o manual, very clear ben c, the manual has been trimmed anglai ke one in French, May good enough to be in cal anglai !!;-)


So nivo sound perfect for me c!
I play mostly nomtal and I both a clear nikel k'unebonne distortion, and an enjoyable, pa a ki ki grsille and spit!
I play on a PLO figure and g nivo effect a marshall jackhammer from home and a crybaby wah wah dunlop home. Ben c perfectly, I would say the wahwah ke ki Manke is the effect, finally voila.
my sound prfr nivo Indeed, the Flanger is great, the compressor is in May if you put a distortion attention to feedback if the head is a substantive fo be careful.
nivo amp, tt is the type of distortion and clear sound (american blues example), and finally voila.


I bought my head in Anne of beginners. I prfre is logical, the modulations, full effect and amp simulator, with good cleans ETDE super distortion (DT the "wild beast", the name means tt dir). The tuner is integrated and very practical and can be programmed effects.
Just a point ngatif and again, the letters pr program are all up so very visible pa pr qd caught himself is played upright, May c tt.
For me, the price quality ratio is very well, I sui compltemen happy with my head, and if offered the choice, I reselect that the