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Modelling Guitar Amp Heads user reviews

  • Fender Mustang V Head

    Fender Mustang V Head - "Excellent amp!"


    This is a Mustang V amp modeling. This is the latest and most powerful model in the range "Mustang" Fender. He teamed up with a firm and 4 * 12 2 * can deliver 75 watts and 200 watts stereo to mono. It is quite heavy but it is quite correct for h…

  • Line 6 Spider II HD150

    Line 6 Spider II HD150 - " all that must"


    Line6 ... Digital. 150wstereo Chorus, flanger, reverb, tremolo, delay ... Master, 3-band eq all sounds classic pod (from clean to super saturated ...) UTILIZATION Super simple. SOUNDS It is not lamp ... But it already is sending all style. …

  • Ibanez MIMX150H

    Ibanez MIMX150H - " Very good stuff for beginners"


    150w amp head under 4ohms or 8ohms under 100 with 11 Amp Modelling, 13 digital effects (chorus, flanger, tremolo, delay ...), three simultaneous effects, 5x2 programmable patches and chromatic tuner. There is also a drum machine (50 patterns) integra…

  • Line 6 Spider Valve MKII HD100

    Line 6 Spider Valve MKII HD100 - " This terrible head ...!"


    All lamps 100W ... 4 amplification and 2 preamplifier. 4 channel pedal with "classic" which includes a pedal volume / expression and up to 32 with the model "top". Modeling amps and effects bluff that made the reputation of the brand. Quick loop …

  • Line 6 Spider Valve HD100

    Line 6 Spider Valve HD100 - " Ouch ears!!"


    + Modeling lamps ... 100w power. The amp had a lamp preamplifier added ... Not bother to exceed 1/4 of the volume ... It spits! Nothing to do with the previous spiders! UTILIZATION In simple single SOUNDS Metal and rock for me: perfect J ha…

  • Fender Mustang V Head

    Fender Mustang V Head - " A transistor amp"


    We will not repeat what he has already indicated UTILIZATION Simple to use, the system presets is not bad except that when you switch a preset, you must be careful turning the knobs later because the position of the knobs are obviously not preset…

  • Line 6 DT25 Head

    Line 6 DT25 Head - " Produces very interresting"


    A hybrid amp (transistor + lamps) which delivers 25 watts or 10 watts.Comme any good amp: volume, bass, mid, etc. ... with master volume reverb (very efficient) on each channel (2). You can select the type selector voicing (4 votes) `on each canal…

  • Fender Super Champ X2 Head

    Fender Super Champ X2 Head - " Bluffing this little mess!"


    Hybrid. A pure channel lamp, a channel simulations. 8 ohm output. Configurable via the front panel, but also via software Fuse (highly developed parameters). Note: the Mid control (factory = center) is only accessible via Fuse. The effects …

  • Peavey Vypyr Tube 120 Head

    Peavey Vypyr Tube 120 Head - " a pleasant surprise."


    tube amp 1x 12AX7 x6L6 .4 ... 120 watts of digital effects but vrais.plein of analog distortion. and modeling UTILIZATION The config is simple. the sound is terrible (to take off the wallpaper), especially for fans of methal ... SOUNDS suitab…

  • Line 6 Vetta HD

    Line 6 Vetta HD - " VERY COMPLETE"


    The Vetta HD first generation (like the second) is a modeling amp head, all connections listed in its opinion below. UTILIZATION The setup is simple if you have two things: - The user manual provides a great deal of precision. - Do not be il…