Modelling Guitar Amp Heads
Guitar Amp Heads Modelling Guitar Amp Heads
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Modelling Guitar Amp Heads user reviews

  • Yamaha THR10C

    Yamaha THR10C - " Practice in secondary or apartment"


    Small amp travel or secondary. 10c THR is perfect for the rough blues rock, very good in clean, very warm for such a small beast. Effects: - A knob mod Chorus / Flanger / Phaser / Tremolo: fine & very effective. - A knob for the Delay / Rever…

  • Kemper Profiler PowerRack

    Kemper Profiler PowerRack - " Revolution"


    Class D amp 600 watts - all conceivable effects are included in it. It weighs 5 kg. UTILIZATION The configuration is very complex, there are a lot of buttons, but the whole is essential given the endless possibilities it has. Two possible uses:…

  • Blackstar Amplification ID:60TVP-H

    Blackstar Amplification ID:60TVP-H - " Bye bye lamps; 0)"


    See description on the net! I would have liked an effects loop and preamp input, but hey at this price it is already super full. Controllable with the pedals not included or midi! UTILIZATION I do not know if it can be easier, and I do not kn…

  • Blackstar Amplification ID:60TVP-H

    Blackstar Amplification ID:60TVP-H - " Very friendly & efficient"


    Modeling / 6 channel transistors + multi-fx input to output + Recording. Just missing a real loop, but you can cheat software (In this case the emulated output is lost). UTILIZATION Simple to use, very happy. The software enables access t…

  • Yamaha THR5A

    Yamaha THR5A - " Very good amp portable audio interface and handy"


    Amp modeling: CONDENSER * DYNAMIC * TUBE * NYLON * EG CLN (* simulation microphones) Effects: COMPRESSOR, COMPRESSOR / CHORUS CHORUS * Flanger, Phaser * Tremolo * DELAY, DELAY / REVERB, HALL REVERB, SPRING REVERB *, * NOISE GATE (* Available on the…

  • Yamaha THR10X

    Yamaha THR10X - " A Bomb room!"


    Transistor 2X5 3 stereo Hi-gain guitar amp clean 1 + 1 + 1 low flat (Poweramp) Delay chorus flanger reverb, compressor .... USB port, Headphone UTILIZATION super simple to use clear manual, you can go from clean to the darker metal easily. or…

  • Peavey Vypyr Tube 120 Head

    Peavey Vypyr Tube 120 Head - " sounds starved of dynamic"


    Phase-shifting one 12AX7 + 4 6L6 power a total of 120 watts of power simulations fender, marshall, peavey soldano and matchless mesaboogie simulations chorus flanger phaser tremolo octaver pitch shifter etc. simulations effects pedals: variou…

  • Line 6 Vetta HD

    Line 6 Vetta HD - "Zero Defect"


    Transistor amp head 200W digital simulation 1 input jack guitar 4 speakers outputs (mono or stereo ) in 4, 8 or 16Ohms Two unbalanced jack outputs for sound or other 2 balanced XLR outputs for sound or other 1 input and 1 MIDI output 1 RJ…

  • Yamaha THR5A

    Yamaha THR5A - " Impressive"


    See "specifications" on Yamaha site: UTILIZATION Very easy to use, no need to refer to the instructions (especially qd was préablablement UPCE and watched video…

  • Fender Mustang V Head

    Fender Mustang V Head - "Excellent amp!"


    This is a Mustang V amp modeling. This is the latest and most powerful model in the range "Mustang" Fender. He teamed up with a firm and 4 * 12 2 * can deliver 75 watts and 200 watts stereo to mono. It is quite heavy but it is quite correct for h…