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  • Line 6 Vetta HD

    Line 6 Vetta HD - "Line 6 Vetta HD"


    I play through a Schecter 006 Deluxe modified with an active EMG-81 pickup and a Fernandes Vertigo "x" also with an EMG-81 I play guitar in The Bayonet. I traded my Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier for this head, at a local Guitar Center Its upgrade…

  • Line 6 Spider II HD75

    Line 6 Spider II HD75 - "Line 6 Spider 2 Head"


    I bought the Line 6 Spider II head at Guitar Center because i wanted a bigger amp with a lot of built in effects. This head is awesome matched up with the spider II cab or with anything else. I have been using it for about 6 months now and played a…

  • Line 6 Spider II HD75

    Line 6 Spider II HD75 - "Line 6 Spider II HD"


    Bought the Head and Cab for $800 at Guitar Center. Played the combo and it was alright but I wanted the bottom end you get from a 4 12 cab and this bad boy does the trick. Played every almost every amp in guitar center. For the price this bastard …

  • Line 6 Vetta HD

    Line 6 Vetta HD - "Line 6 Vetta HD"


    I bought the Vetta Head and cab at guitar center during the last green tag sale. The cab was $600, and i got the head for $1000. I bought it because of all teh built in effects and i needed a new amp. It has more effects than i know waht to do wit…

  • Line 6 Vetta HD

    Line 6 Vetta HD - "Line 6 Vetta Head"


    I bought my Vetta Head at Sam Ash on my Sam Ash credit card. Mainly because I was looking for the sound that I wasn't getting through the other amps that I had. I wanted to be able to create whatever sounds I wanted, and I am in a band that plays all…

  • Line 6 Flextone II Head

    Line 6 Flextone II Head - "Line 6 Flextone Head (HD)"


    I bought the HD because I was really impressed with my previous amp, a line 6 flextone combo. I needed more grunt so I bought the head. It was on sale as they were making way for the new model (flextone 2). It retails at AU$3,600 but I baught it for …

  • Yamaha DG130H

    Yamaha DG130H - "Yamaha DG-130H"


    I got this piece from Musicians Friend for $700.00 US. My normal head (marshall) had gotten smashed in a trailer accident, and my backup head (sunn late 70's model) just died. I needed something that could be used on stage, in the studio, in my apart…

Translated user reviews
  • Kemper Profiler Rack

    Kemper Profiler Rack - " 5kg of happiness ..."


    Rack (single) It is so vast that frankly, I do not want to answer. all connections are possible: simple jack, XLR, not forgotten the spdif. we can control each output independently: put different eq, choose whether you want or not mutate effe…

  • DV Mark Multiamp Head

    DV Mark Multiamp Head - "The future of guitar amplification"


    This is a digital stereo amp simulator coupled to a power transistor amp 500W. It has 4 different outputs: headphones (mini-jack), studio (2XLR), baffle (2jack stereo or bridged mono speakon 1) and a final output jack that allows you to bypass the po…

  • DV Mark Multiamp Head

    DV Mark Multiamp Head - " More than just amp head"


    Doc and information on the DV Mark site. This is a transistor amp head, with conventional guitar amp settings. There are three channels, integrated effects, effects loop mono output, modeling loudspeakers for use in the studio or on stage (plugge…