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ToneZone 05/20/2004

Line 6 Spider II HD150 : ToneZone's user review


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Amplification modlisation a power of 150 watts mono and stereo 2x75.
Ultra simple connectivity: between guitar, footswitch between exit phones / line out and all the knobs: amp / drive / bass / med / treble / volume volume/efets1/effets2/reverb/master channel.
basic effects: chorus-flanger/phaser/tremolo and delay / tape echo / sweep echo.


Setup is super simple, no need to tank 6 to ring the bte. rglages the relatively prcis, and as an amp modlisation ASEZ quickly found the sound you want.
the manual as it is without superflux, effective.


The Spider II 12 amp modlise (fender, marshall, vox, mesa ...) so we tap into all areas just by turning the "amp". uses the guitar is an ibanez rgt42 DiMarzio PAF Pro with and tonezone.
my sounds are prfrs: twang (Fender tweed deluxe and twin reverb'65), crunch (marshall plexi) and metal (mesa).
clean sounds are falling and the marshall crunch is trs Fidler. when the noise gate enabled completed Feedback, breath and grsillements.
I do not like red modlisation insane, it's a really psychdlique tar, super strong and suggests a discomfort for assistance if you play in the bass, has slammed the neurons . complterait this sound wonderfully with Fieldy's bass (which is a guitar without the vomiting is so morbid).
Obviously the rest of a transistor, and the drive is rglage Modre because once the trend max aa drooling (especially on the low E). Or if you have a multi-purpose one SETTING THE presence can balance the final sound.


I use it for 5 hours. I like his versatility and power that DGIG, and I told him again not find default.
qualitprix the report is out: 750 euros per half-stack limit is simply a scam there, but no. of course it's not an amp lamps, but it provides a good transition (modlisation)
I referrer hsiter seen this choice without the budget. between marshall (avt 150h and mg100hdfx) and h & k (vortex warp7) and line6 spider for a half stack I reselect hsiter without any second!