Behringer V-Ampire LX1200H
Behringer V-Ampire LX1200H

V-Ampire LX1200H, Modelling Guitar Amp Head from Behringer in the V-Ampire series.

fouineblanche 09/03/2007

Behringer V-Ampire LX1200H : fouineblanche's user review


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So I want to post this advice, because I have to tell you the vrit on this head, which I assure you is not as though there was Specifies.
It's a transistor amp with lots of numriques ffects, ca dfonce is beautiful, c flachy thou hast full face with its beautiful red light and all and all ...
but all these rglages makes a super super nice box rgler difficult.

then yes it is the most numerous useful effects as useless: it can fit directly, it's easy plug, it starts up easily and there is a quality of pedals.

for me it's random image bhringer: I want to say that you have with BEHRINGER gear down the line that is: MARKET AND YOU NEVER A PROBLEM, either: fails or AREA AND YOU ARE THE SHIT. .. the better to throw.

After sales service does not exist ....
the amp is used with a body marchal 4X10 Series MG.

On paper it is interesting and first seen as c well head and the possibilities are very diverse: it can play all.

But ultimately it's really really not so powerful, a marshall 30w combo dfonce the valve ...
good word to .... salvation


Then it is between a head-end like the others, anything honestly in the pannel prices I do not think it is cheaper. It is based on rsistant sries, ours is ffice and working well, but of a buddy and always breaking down ...
issue one would use expert, it takes a little time but Adpater Submitted.

They reached the Prinicipal PROBLEM! ! Power ... the head is level prava power and needs to be a background for all scne, pubs and concert hall, c'innodible, the sound is not clear Clair whether to play live background .

In such cases the, the fact is useless, and the total saturation Clair thoroughly.


INTERESTED stuff and some not, here is the conclusion of the sound. I think the marshall Bafle save the deal ...

This does not suit the style of music to the extreme and agrssive live QUALITY: mtaleux the little budding like the oldest will soon be limited.

For jazz and post rock, it's better we get something good and that's it earns points in this conditions: IT IS WELL.

Well if I let my feelings about him I found all dfault the world.
What I have test, H & K matrix, Marshall MG, Peavy Windsor, Leaney, Mesaboogies ...
Okay it's nice to have a head who has a mouth but if it is not powerful it is useless, and put 200 more for a matrix c head day and night.


This is a beginners amp head. That has no competitors in its price range.
To start is the top, it's really not bad, but when we tried the Marshall or any other WARP lamps and well ... how to say, well no one is found.

But do not forget one thing, an amp head for 250 with all its Features and well ouia, ca kills!
because for that price you just a lamp marshall (yes just ONE) ...

It is a product that remains in its price range and an outstanding report rentabilitprix qualitprix Practice.
It has its rpond specifications: head and cheap cost.
First choice for people in need of tunes.