Sensomusic Usine 1
Sensomusic Usine 1

Usine 1, Modular sequencer from Sensomusic.

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tourtour 05/10/2009

Sensomusic Usine 1 : tourtour's user review


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Installation ease asio drivers but impractical (is solves with asio4all) The only weak point is that one has to restarting the app to update a change of audio output.
I had things a little weird to beginners but it is probably put on the account of a incomprhension from me.
The manual is not clear, but TRS is largely compensated by an Available and benevolence of the designer and collaborator of the unusual.
The basic configuration is trs since everything is done (it is the principle and the general intrt of this software).

I possde an HP tx 2670 Tablet PC with 3GB of ram and Turion X2.
I must say that it's a real crap (except the tactile aspect that is perfect for this software).
Know that this computer is not dot firewire port and is in-conceivable to run a sound card same
with an express card (protocol imbcile and expensive alternatives to the census PCMCIA).
It is a little tt to talk about the CPU but it seems reasonable especially since the assumption that one
dveloppe or even its application does tration only what you need, so the perfomances are optimum.

APRS good chess and many attempts that led me to have my words dpassent penss I start
Submitted understand the Systm and I must say that it is only happiness!
Imagine a sort of Max MSP dedicates to the musicians who get rid of the Australian laboratory assistant for this one.
Everything is well thought out and thought dveloppeur all. For the modest sum of 70 euros you have the possibility with a little effort to make your application rve. People ractifs you and your cost and help you with needle and comptence
I spent many hours trying to beat a dead horse tame bte and now that I think started coming in dpenser more!
This is also my opinion the only ngatif of this app: it is terribly time consuming and addictive!
I dare not even imagine the sleepless nights that its designer dt go.
So Thank you and Congratulations for this wonder Olivier Sens.
And a thousand apologies for my decision a little htif.
But shit you gave me the yarn plied given!
And I think it's not over.