BrainModular Usine 1
BrainModular Usine 1

Usine 1, Modular sequencer from BrainModular.

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gilovemachine 07/30/2006

BrainModular Usine 1 : gilovemachine's user review


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-Installation: Put simply, we can not. It's like Mac OS X.
-I have no problems of incompatibility of any kind, be it with my Shuttle or my Mac book Pro (windows of course)
-Configuration is very simple. It is pre-configured to try the demo.
-The manual is well done, quite funny also.

Computer config: motherboard Shuttle / AMD Proc 4000 what to cellar, 64-bit / 1 GB Ram / Seagate 7500 T, 250 GB / Soundcards RME Fireface and hammerfall (config Pretty big, actually)
-It works perfectly.
-I rarely go down to 95% of CPU resources that are allowed, and yet I Gave patches. I use it in the studio or live like a big rack of effects and I use it to add sound to a group of seven musicians, I manage equalization, compression, effects, mixing 5.1 and mixing with the returns quoted above config .
- It's extremely stable. Never crashes

I use it for almost a year.
-What I like most is the quality of the audio engine, the mixer and management of the afternoon to remote controls and automation, that develops patches Senso amazing and different, and it welcomes VST plug-ins. The only thing boring is that I have to bang my Windows to use it.
Value _ maximum price.