Sensomusic Usine 1
Sensomusic Usine 1

Usine 1, Modular sequencer from Sensomusic.

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Claygues 01/17/2009

Sensomusic Usine 1 : Claygues's user review


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A 40MB file. A facility that is not one: it is enough to decompress in a folder, allowing multiple versions to coexist and this is convenient because the software evolves rapidly at the moment.

With my new computer, Pentium Dual 2200, 2GB ram, Windows XP SP3, esi juli @ card, a roll trs well and with the margin. It starts fast and seems stable.
My screen, a 15 inch is much too small cons. The edition of the patch application site, then a step 21 will not be too much, and good eyes.

In gnral I like having a long enough exprience of a product before posting an opinion, but this has not been a month since I put myself, I say "me places "and not" put myself to, "because I'm always the approach phase of the software.

This app allows you to CRER complex musical configurations customized interface through a remarkable simplicity. However the application efforts and approaches Premire persverence.
It seems that although the tapes diffrencier designs and phases of Fast Fashion music. The app allows you to CRER tools used in real time, but do not believe that it allows to reach the Fast Fashion IMMEDIATE music.

Since I have studied plant that I 'set', I do not make music.
For now, I probably always will integrate its operation can process with my music Fast Fashion. All this is not unnecessarily complicated?
The possibilities are even when allchantes enough for me to continue the exprience.