Sensomusic Usine 1
Sensomusic Usine 1

Usine 1, Modular sequencer from Sensomusic.

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Foxxb 06/23/2008

Sensomusic Usine 1 : Foxxb's user review


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Installation easier ... you can not

No incompatibility at home or on the PC or the laptop

As with any softwares to do some rglage (1 minute timer) and hop off you go!

The manual in English, but clear enough

PC: - KT7 raid / Duron 1.3 G / 256MB / 80GB + 20GB Hdd
Laptop: Compaq EVO N610C / P4 1.8 G / 256 MB / HDD mobile pre 40Go/Maudio
In short the configs of ponies! Despite a, a turn, do not overload modules and vst.
aa rare plant just when I was 15 at the same time manipulation, but it's just normal!

I started the test about a year ago, the modular cot "the hands dirty" I liked, but I had a little difficulty understanding the architecture of have a little cot and put it a few months I needed a software for live I start the hack and it's a little more back.
And sensory us out vst version ... use of sonar, I used to load VST, send Bitcrusher BAR and other sounds from elsewhere .. and all without touching the laptop!
We can do almost everything with this software dpends all the power of the config (except the function to make a good espresso cup but it seems that the next version will be endowed!)
Report qualitprix are not any photo of Fawn Factory is the only software to do a (bon. feasible in reaktor .. but hello sleepless nights)
In addition to ractif Senso is great for all that is bug and other problems.

* Pub * Factory ... it's eat in! * Pub *