Xt Software energyXT
Xt Software energyXT

energyXT, Modular sequencer from Xt Software.

Gudlok 11/09/2007

Xt Software energyXT : Gudlok's user review


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- Simple Installation

- No incompatibilities so far

- Configuration really, but then really very simple ^ ^

- Full English but of course ...

- Toshiba Satellite M30X Laptop, 2GB RAM, Sound Card TC Electronic Konnekt 24D

- It works perfectly

- Resource-efficient I think

- Hyper stable, it must be the most stable software I have had.

- I have the license for 1 year now.

- The modular concept ämnen a completely different way of working with a traditional DAW, it's very intuitive. So I appreciate enormously the ergonomics, the fact that a second, I was ready to play! The arpeggiator is very very good, as sampler.
We must provide against by another DAW to refine and mixer (Reaper for me) because the functionality of the sequencer are too basic for that.

- In this kind of software, I tested Live, but I find too much frozen as a tracker (for some reason) while with energyXT, it gives me absolute freedom. Most users of electro EXT are pure, but it is not my case, you can really make all styles of music with software as open. This is a program that really lets the music guide the inspiration, not the machine that guides our music.

- LOL, quality / price ratio ... no need to comment I believe, is necessarily a bargain!

- YES I would do this choice of course!