Xt Software energyXT
Xt Software energyXT

energyXT, Modular sequencer from Xt Software.

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quentin59 04/30/2006

Xt Software energyXT : quentin59's user review


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No problem of implementation, no incompabilit configuration can not be easier, but full manual trs must understand English.

I use it on a Dell Inspiron 6000 M750 (1.86 Go/2Mo) 1GoRAM (128MB shared video) with a 40GB HD with 5400rpm.
Solo Firewire soundcard (M-Audio) and Evolution MK449 Keyboard matre.
Not a single problem in this configuration.
Trs little greedy.

I use it for several months. APRS spending time with MAGIX Music Studio 2005, I gave it to devote myself 100% energyXT even if the audio portion of MSD2005 is terrible for me in multitrack audio.
I mostly play EnregyXT freeware VST instruments as well as adding audio tracks (guitar and voice effects with live monitoring) all with VST freeware always the output of squenceur.
Finally, a good squenceur trs audio and MIDI with a number of tracks, effects, and instruments that combines unlimited good freeware can couraging production trs compltes and tr s good quality low cut!

For me, the best squenceur is the one that best reduces the latency between the inspiration of the musician and the sound from the speakers. EnergyXT my eyes is the most direct route and there is no point to invest in a luxury squenceur if this time must be extended by the complexity of soft!