Xt Software energyXT
Xt Software energyXT

energyXT, Modular sequencer from Xt Software.

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oliv928 03/16/2006

Xt Software energyXT : oliv928's user review


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No problem. there is also a program to install the full package (exe, directories, VSTi, VSTe, help) that al air to function properly as well. for the manual, and although there appears to be several. we are a bit lost in the profusion of BG and tutorials, various sites ... c is good but a nice cot too. some still unfinished site. d or 8 note

Laptop with Turion MT37, 1G ram, dd 7200.
ca tounre very well, except for smf "recupres here and lquot, (the net): desynchronization or rather delays in some tracks. j have left many topics about this but no r response. on my personal projects at the moment the AC did not seem (too) happen, but I remain vigilant. m more time is needed to fully judge. or of my note (which I hoped provisional) 7. I sorry just the developer that I asked him about the subject remains silent on the subject.

I note even when the general note 9, despite what "worries" of dcalage because I adore:
the ergonomics, hand or view it and patch it like crazy road, the possibility that the air really incredible. Are being discovered every day new. the aesthetic is simple and plain relaxing. the sequencer is very ergonomic.
a small problem for project management and its various files and directories that n is not immediate take control (browser, audio_folder, ca ... drunk a little beginners, see annoying but you have to go right on course .
c is the only app that allowed me to split, "layeriser", "velocity layeriser" my midi keyboard with a few clicks without opening the doc. d c was also my motivation to dpart for purchase.