Xt Software energyXT 2.5
Xt Software energyXT 2.5

energyXT 2.5, Modular sequencer from Xt Software.

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XT Software energyXT 2.5.4

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XT Software has updated energyXT to version 2.5.4.



  • Added drum name and preview in popup editor.
  • Drag & drop plugins from browser to tracks and insert/send fx slots did not update recent items, now fixed.
  • Will now highlight EQ/FX section title if in use (must be set in skin: mixer > fx section> highlight).
  • Added cross delay param for multi-effect.
  • 'First note recording' bug fixed.
  • GUI was missing on several plugins on mac, now fixed.
  • Popup drum editor.
  • Vertical zoom in popup editor and in-track editor.
  • Drag rex file into tracks panel to create drum track, drum part and load the samples.
  • Option to always show the modular tab.
  • Fixed drawing bug with audio region/selection.
  • You can now use image for selected track and part.
  • You can now skin the selection region in the editors.
  • Adding new controller lane's in the popup editor didn't get selected in view by default, now fixed.
  • Convert audio parts to mono.
  • Added recording latency option in audio setup.
  • Will now attempt to recover a project when encountering errors when loading (caused by a plugin or similar).
  • Freeze drum track could crash if using long samples, now fixed.
  • VST version will now sync to host in modular view (without sequencer comp).
  • Enable auto update on linux could crash, now fixed.
  • Duplicater track.
  • MIDI In comp now has its own 'editor' window with MIDI keyboard and option for quantize and velocity sens.
  • MIDI part quantize length, slice and reverse.
  • MIDI part legato and fixed length.
  • MIDI part delete doubles.
  • Sampler and drum samplers loop markers could get stuck outside the view, now fixed.
  • Added public/private option for Soundcloud add-on, and will now also show the URL of the upload file on success.
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