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Thread sort of broke speakers - pls help!

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1 sort of broke speakers - pls help!

Hi, I'm  brand new to this forum and I hope I'm in the right place. I have an issue that's been bothering me. I have a pair of Tapco s8 monitor speakers. One one of them, the tweeter has come back inside and away from the casing by about a few millimeters. I hope this makes sense. Like it's been pushed in from the outer speaker case. If you can find a picture of these speakers online, you might see what I mean. so there is a thin gap all around the tweeter, and when the speaker is in use, there is a fuzzy distorted noise where air is being blown out of the gap. This obviously defeats the object of having these speakers.


There are allen key screws around the tweeter casing, so it looks like I can unscrew that, but as I'm not a hardware person, I'm actually quite worried about opening it up, as I don't know what to expect to see, and I don't want to make anything worse.


Can anyone suggest anything to me here? Would I be okay to open this up and do you think it's the sort of thing that's simple enough to fix?


Heres a link to a picture of the speaker:


there is a few millimeter gap between the small black dome in the center and the silver square casing thing around it. Sorry if my language isnt very technical.


Thanks in advance!