PreSonus FaderPort Classic
PreSonus FaderPort Classic

FaderPort Classic, Motorized MIDI Control Surface from PreSonus in the FaderPort series.

yoTrakkz 10/11/2011

PreSonus FaderPort Classic : yoTrakkz's user review

« nice and easy to use »

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I Read up on this item an decided to give it a try. This being my first presonus component. The drivers that come with it just do not work on some daw platforms. Mine being cubase studio 4.1. Just had some very weird reactions. At any rate the unit is very sturdy and the slider is smooth and all buttons solidly built. Contacted presonus about the problem, after a little prying I got them to send me a v1.2 beta driver for my cubase system. Everything works as it should after the update. I'm told when cubase did thier update, they changed some coding that presonus had to then rewrite the drivers to correct. At any rate, after that rocky start, this has to be the best thing other than growing another hand! It's very intuitive to use (and I'm left handed) the touch sensitive slider saves tons of mousework on volume control and the other controls are very usefull to speed up the workload. Highly recommend this item, but make shure you don't get frustrated out of the box until you get the correct updated driver.

All of the features work very well except for the pan control. It is either very jumpy or very precise, and sometimes jumps between being both. The only other thing I see wrong with the faderport is that the fader scrapes against the sides (very slightly) when reading automation. This doesn't seem to have any negative effects besides being slightly annoying.
Other than that it works flawlessly, and responds instantaneously, which is the most important factor.

This is an excellent product. FaderPort utilizes the same ultra high-quality Alps fader that is used in professional control surfaces and digital mixing consoles costing 200 times the price including DigiDesign's D-Command. The fader is very high quality and performs as promised. I only need, and would rather have, one very high quality fader than multiple lesser quality faders.