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No-Mäd Beatmaker 03/07/2005

Tascam US-2400 : No-Mäd Beatmaker's user review


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I just bought the model of US-2400 from Tascam.
I had some problems (not bad) at the facility.
I followed exactly the install (on my PC, Windows XP) .. First of all I started a session and then connected the usb and power; info for LED "Power" was highlighted "fixed", which I think think is normal .. Lorqui I pressed this key, it clignontait slowly (probably waiting mode change), written as ds the piece of paper (5 X 10 cm) in frenc

Voila, connected to the Internet I wanted to update the firmware directly even before testing the device on my soft (cubase sx 2.2) .. I downloaded the small program used to "updater" the US-2400 ... I disconnect my other MIDI devices as required (midisport a 8X8 and a adda2000 STaudio possessing an IN and OUT 2 pm) .., I unplug the tascam, I hold the key "power" and connects "food" and then releases the "Power" button .. soon as it flashes the little doc said ds' .. I plug the usb .. then "next" step 5 again "next" I am a step 6 of the download firmware when suddenly the error message "An error occurred downloading the firmware. Tascam Please contact technical support"
I have seen this error a couple of times, the same test was tearing their hair ...
Tascam Support: injoinable, it leaves a mail and we have no answer ...

+ .. 1 week later, still no response, I retry ... I will update the bios of my motherboard before (A7V8X-X), I will retry that firmware up to date and has a second plant at the end, I retry it works ..
Small note at the end, "turn off the computer, unplug the usb controller on the back of the pc, wait 30 seconds .., plug the USB and start a session, ...
I wait, the LED lights usb so the computer recognizes it, c already something .... but the power button flashes very quickly (like waiting for an update what) ..
Resigned to redo the firmware update, I unplugged before CU can reconnect (just to see ...) and then all the lights were turned on and off, power button is "stable", ready to get into a mode protools , Logic, Sonar or Cubase, m'enfinnnnn !!!!! not too early

3 days later, an email that I wrote a tascam everything you just read ..!
The mail said:

"How did you perform your upgrade?"
Signature ..

blah blah reactivity, if it works but I had to take relaxation classes such as "Zen"

How long have you use it?
1 week but I've had two weeks ....

- What is so special that you like most and least?
The +: 25 faders
the -: no control "write" & "read"

Sends good control of c ..
for the control of EQ, and inserts to do the midi learn

For your VSTi, good luck ...

- Have you tried many other models before buying it?
No, but read a lot of opinions on this type of product, and different brands!

- How would you rate the quality / price?
It is compared to other models, it's not for every budget but well worth its price.

- With experience, you do again this choice? ...
Yes because I know the beast but hey, have to be motivated all the same.

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