DigiTech Studio S100
DigiTech Studio S100

Studio S100, Multi-Effects Processor from DigiTech in the Studio series.

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KaeRZed 06/20/2010

DigiTech Studio S100 : KaeRZed's user review


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It is a small multi-effects rack (1U), the effects available are more traditional:
- Modulation / Pitch
- Delay
- Reverb
- Others (Vocoder and other bizareries)

These effects are available on each of these two effects engines in the machine.

They are (thankfully) all éditbales. But the number of parameters is not great .. but still enough to customize its effects 'home'
I've never used an editor: ka machine is not as complex enough to require such tools ...

Inputs / outputs stereo analog Jack 6.35.
And MIDI ..


The setup is rather simple: there are two effects engines.
Each of these engines offer a number of effects (listed above).
After each program effect can arrange these 2 motors to 5 configurations:
- A motor with only Stereo Inputs / Outputs Stereo
- A & B Motors in series with stereo input / output
- A & B Motors in conjunction with stereo input / output
- A & B Motors in parallel, each with its input and output Mono Mono
- A & B Motors in parallel, each entry mono and 2 stereo outputs mixed

Editing is fairly simple in principle: there are 4 parameters to adjust, in addition to the Noise Gate and EQ.
The names of these parameters are more or less know by heart from the manual because the small LCD displays abbreviations not always talking ...

Editing is done for tiny button under the screen. The thick fingers of a bass player there are not really comfortable.
And they do not seem very, very strong ... Personally, I've always handled with extreme caution for fear they'd slam the fingers ...

The manual is simple, clear, concise .. But rarely available in French.


I use it with auxiliary synthesizers.

To effect this price range, the effects are rather good.
I do not really like reverb (I prefer the MicroVerb for algos and unnatural for my TC M350 reverbs 'pretty').
Modulation effects (chorus / phaser / falnger) do their job properly.
The Vocoder is not a reference to intelligibility but still allows a good time (on drum loops, for example).
For cons, the times I know not what his round / cahoutchouteux which I appreciate ... I abandoned my MidiVerb4 times for those of S100.


This is not a Lexicon ... this is not a TC Electronic.
But the S100 is much cheaper.

Frankly, for the price he gave me great service and it's not going to change.
Over time, maybe the screen bigger brother (the S200) provides some ease of use but ...