Francell 01/03/2011

TC Electronic M350 : Francell's user review

«  Reverb / Delay of Very Good Quality »

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Multi-effect in 19 "1U. Connec jack in 6.5. Very sturdy (heavy armor and sturdy pots). I do not use the PC config / midi.

Possibité online to connect on a microphone, an insert on a table with the additional choice of output dual-FX "(2 separate FX mono) or stereo output.

Arranged several FX (chorus, vintage ,...) but its main characteristic is: Delay and Reverb. Many possible configuration of these 2 parameters.

No presets pre-recorded, but they are very easy to create. Manuel


very simple since the unit is simple to use.
Certainly it takes to start manipulating the buttons to find a setting to his liking.

The edition is very well done and accurate.


The quality is very realistic. The breath is very low or zero depending on the effect resolved. I use it for voice or for the sax in stereo insert (at) on a mixer.
The breath is still present if you set the effects very strong.


I use it for 1 month to live.
I had a multi-fx pedal BOSS ME-30 and a delay / echo Boss RPS 10.
TC M350 is very high fidelity on the reverb and delay. I think it is ideal for live and even the studio.
But do not look for fx crazy for fun because it's not his goal.
The M350 allows you to create a world of sound very realistic and color in his voice, a warmth, presence and depth.