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Sebounet 09/28/2004

Yamaha REX50 : Sebounet's user review


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The REX 50 is old effector of 1987, dynamic frequency between 20Hz and 12kHz, 74 dB dynamic, 16-bit converter, 30 briefs in ROM and 60 RAM. The effects are classic reverbs many, insert effects, chorus, flanger, distortion (very yucky, the distortion ...). You can not use two effects together, although some programs in ROM can add distortion and classic effect. Non-rack, the REX 50 is exceeded in terms of features. The REX 50 has a MIDI In used to receive program changes or commands to the program of Pitcher.


The use is tedious: YAMAHA REX released its 50 to the glorious days when everyone believed that with eight buttons and an LCD wave could easily program. Error, error! The parameters of certain reflections are surprisingly numerous and specific (up to 12 configurable parameters for a noise-gate or gate-reverb), but it takes patience and small fingers, a result that will appeal to more patients and melted programing that fans of "Easy Listening and Quick."

If you love programming and hacking, the use of the REX 50 will not surprise you. I like, so my rating is a result. I forgot: my REX 50 has never dropped since 1989. Solid, then!


The 8 types of reverb are good to excellent, the chorus, flanger are pretty nil, the compressor sounds heavy, greasy and dirty, the pitcher will be used instead of special effects to film in the studio, the distos are zero, the delays are used but lack dynamics. If you find a REX 50, the quality and warmth of reverb will surprise you. Me, I use the REX 50 to add a little dirty and grain in my mix. The REX 50 adds depth to what you do. Good for keyboards, a bit heavy for voice, certainly good for guitars or "wet" a percussion.


This is an old hacker tool, for some applications convoluted. And as I like what is choppy, I love my REX 50. Certainly not the best moment of reverb (!), But little effect in back of a mix, it certainly is worth it. My rating is a result of what can be used today REX 50.