Zoom 1201
Zoom 1201

1201, Multi-Effects Processor from Zoom.

Bout'chou 12/24/2012

Zoom 1201 : Bout'chou's user review


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The Zoom 1201 is a small multi-effect offering many different effects. Reverbs of course, but also the effects of pitch, chorus, filters, everything that one could need in a home studio or on stage!


use is very simple, there is no need to book. Apart from the three potentiometers can be dosed into and from the signal, the other three knobs are used for the first varying effects settings selected by the third and the second is used to decrease or increase one time or a change reverbs tone or varying a delay time. It's super easy to use! There is also a small three-position switch that allows you to multiply all the effects!


Personally I do not like too much reverb, they are highly artificial! On my guitar for example I find particularly aggressive! To be quite honest, I much prefer my reverbs lxp 5 or my midiverb4. Other effects are not bad! on the other hand effects are great assets, a simulation of voice telephone, radio and a sound well rotted that I used very often for the purpose of spoken and sung a show!


I use the zoom 1201 for about 2 years to get good special effects, such as a generator noise (radio noises, sounds of crackling vinyl) absolutely horrible but at the same time so convenient for creative work a minimum!
What I love about this lens is the diversity of its effects. What I like less is the quality of its reverb.