Image Line Maximus
Image Line Maximus

Maximus, Software multiband compressor from Image Line.

BadApple 03/22/2011

Image Line Maximus : BadApple's user review


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With maximus there was no trouble what so ever in installing it.
It should not have had any trouble if you think about it since it is part of fl studio and installs with that program.
Everything in maximus is very self explanatory really, its very well laid out and is great to work with.
There was no compatibility issues at all with my computer set up.
If fl studio can install on your computer then you will have maximus.


My production laptop is 4gb ram and 1.8GHz processor, it runs perfectly fine with what I am using.
It does not eat up a lot of cpu either so if you are in need of using maximus on a pretty ropey computer do not fear as it will more than likely run.
I have used maximus on my sub basses for a very long time now, you can really strengthen the deepness of the bass from it and it really helps in dnb and dubstep production.
The configuration is stable, I do not think that anything has every broken whilst using this program.


I have to say that the best thing about it is that it is very simply set out which helps a lot for beginners.
I have tried other versions but this is definitely my favourite one out of them all.
Sound quality is great can not fault it one bit, maybe a better or more expensive version would have even better quality.
It came with my FL so can not comment on price.
I would use it over any other plugin out there mainly because I know how to fully use it now and that is the main trouble people may have.
I can not think of any bad things about it other than people may not know how to use it.