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Music software for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad user reviews

  • Akai SynthStation v2

    Akai SynthStation v2 - "Excellent sound, workflow perfectible"


    Standard iPhone app that installs and updates itself alone. Online help in English only. Not very complete and it seems that this is the same for the iPhone and iPad versions that have become very different. In short, could do better. At a time …

  • Druw Beatsurfing

    Druw Beatsurfing - " This is the future"


    Finally a controller (virtual certe) that allows really play LIVE electronic music and not just the program! This is absolutely awesome and super intuitive! …

  • Moog Music Animoog

    Moog Music Animoog - " BOMB!"


    Ergonomics, stability, fluidity ... everything is there! (On Ipad 2) Syncro with an internal sequencer (step poly arp) ... also nickel! The waves were preloaded (really) a lot of character. detune function is very effective as well as the disto…

  • Mixvibes Cross DJ for iPad

    Mixvibes Cross DJ for iPad - " A very nice killing"


    A nice surprise. We already knew the remotes, it was tested audio apps, but what about a complete standalone application with the iphone? Bye bye pc / macbook on the sofa or on the train, ca turns like a leader. And all this for € 15 please ... …

  • Korg iKaossilator 2

    Korg iKaossilator 2 - " Excellent"


    For having the KAOSSILATOR, I find this excellent application and who has not much to envy her big sister hardware set apart the amount of sound. The strength of this appl is the ease of producing a pattern and make it evolve, or mix with other pat…

  • Korg iElectribe for iPad

    Korg iElectribe for iPad - " Good BAR"


    For having the emx and esx electribes, Korg has really managed to keep the spirit of "fun and play". on the other hand, it is far from the possibilities offered by electribes hardwares. C is really a box with a pace to break beats, not a groove boxes…

  • Korg iMS-20

    Korg iMS-20 - rolandus's review


    The applie is pretty lightweight, it weighs less than 50 mo. It runs perfectly on my newipad without any lag. The interface is perfect, great job from Korg. It is well documented. This applie's just huge. This is not a simple but rather MS…

  • Yamaha StageMix

    Yamaha StageMix - " FINALLY!!!!"


    Finally a remote control for Digital Wireless. what a pleasure to roam freely on stage but also on the concert site while being able to tweak its settings! ipad hand, all console settings are available! working comfort for the technician but als…

  • iZotope iDrum

    iZotope iDrum - skatevans's review


    no prob stable I find well-designed, no frioritures. it allows you to concentrate on the essentials. Repeat with an amen break slices of Recycle, ç'est not bad, especially since it can adjust the volume of each track, there are ways on th…

  • Native Instruments iMaschine

    Native Instruments iMaschine - " A gadget"


    Yes. No problem for the inevitable iTunes store. Additional sound packages available in-house purchases. Runs perfectly on a iPad. I do IAMAP tried on my old iPod Touch. The application is very simple and has a well thought out ergonomics. We j…