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Music software for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad user reviews

  • Zvukofor Binder

    Zvukofor Binder - " Not bad"


    Template for Lemur on iPad to control the Cockos Reaper software. Installation fairly easy if you already know to run Lemur. Clear documentation (in English). Many function but a lot of sub-menus anyway. When you know the ease of creating sho…

  • Apple DM1

    Apple DM1 - " Super"


    For some months I use quite regularly I would like to test the app to compare MPC I remake the same choice without hesitation! I used on ipad 2 to produce sounds and transfer them to GarageBand As a percussionist I needed an app with a libr…

  • Agile Partners GuitarToolkit 2.0

    Agile Partners GuitarToolkit 2.0 - " An application to have"


    It is an ideal companion for the guitarist who does not want to bother with a metronome and a tuner. This is accurate enough to agree quickly without being either at the high end tuners. I have long been used to give my ukulele before a dedicated tun…

  • Yudo Rectools08pro

    Yudo Rectools08pro - " use a little complex"


    the manual is not available or (I do not know for that matter) Japanese, Korean? some tutorials on youtube iphone 4 - works well and stable this is a great apps to supplement a defective microphone on a camera or a camera or used as a camera …

  • Mancing Dolecules Everyday looper

    Mancing Dolecules Everyday looper - " try it!"


    Well to make it short and simple, this is really great! something more would be welcome: edit the track to cut in there too (beginning and end) I recommend …

  • Apple GarageBand App

    Apple GarageBand App - " Mini studio always at hand!"


    Like its big brother, Mac OS X, iOS version of GarageBand is very effective and easily record autonomous models. Usable on the iPhone (3Gs minimum) and iPad application is still a little less ergonomic than its equivalent on your computer. GarageB…

  • Audiofanzine iPhone App

    Audiofanzine iPhone App - " Jave bought my I-Phone just for him!"


    I use the software since it came out, I'm too crazy technology to miss this jewel of bliss computer. To tell you, I bought an I-Phone just to install this software. Would seem that with the Iphone could call also, if anyone can confirm, never heard…

  • TC Electronic PolyTune iPhone App

    TC Electronic PolyTune iPhone App - " Super!"


    This app was free for a few days on the app store, knowing the product pedal, I jumped at the chance! I'm not disappointed Super easy to use, does not crash ... easy to move from guitar to bass No need to doc, no updates Function (revol…

  • Liine Kapture Pad

    Liine Kapture Pad - " Become indispensable"


    How long: 2 years (I think), and it really changes the approach to a live set. It provides a feature that quickly becomes indispensable to any user of Live live ... Tried other applications: Well, I do not know if there are others. Most popular…

  • TC Electronic TonePrint App

    TC Electronic TonePrint App - " A very useful gadget"


    Note that I have the app on android and not on the iPhone, but the operation is exactly the same. I own the toneprint hall of fame and I ran very little function toneprint: On the one hand because the TC Electronic website is not optimized for s…