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onix4man 11/17/2004

Chocopoolp Software Bhajis Loops : onix4man's user review


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No problem.
I would say that an update of the other, it is advisable to transfer everything and make a Reinstalling flat but it is not always same ncessaire. In short, it's stable and feels. As long as you have a Palm OS 5 and Palm can get out of the audio ... There is no s'inquiter!
The manual is clear and humorous even if we do finally comes for the implementation of certain advanced features or for discovering the few functions that are not directly accessible to a click (eg automation).
Bhajis Loops is also provided with a context-sensitive help, even on the dialog boxes ...
In short, admarre, quick, good and one is never lost.

I have a T3 (400 MHz) and if the limits are felt when we Gave his piece of effects (but what a computer does not meet this problem ?...) audio output is not THE FIRST ptir lack of resources: the fluidity Ractive down before the audio. I mean the same as in the worst case, you can edit his piece read shall adopt (because I did not say but the more you edit live) and Then listen; a fragrant with the intelligence of design.

But I speak of the extraordinary cases. Under normal use and appeal to the effects MODR hard, everything is spot on.
It has eight tracks available for DPOS its patterns and each pattern can contain several notes playing at the same time by one or more instruments ... Plenty to compose something complete.

Bhajis Loops is not a gimmick! This is an authentic music software that is used on a gadget.

For comparison, Bhajis Loops trs is much more efficient in terms of functionality and flexibility that our good old classic trackers (Impulse Tracker, Fast Tracker, etc. ..)

For me it's a bb Reason, and this, for my greatest pleasure

I use Bhajis Loops since its beta version Premire, and each day is putting a bunch of surprises (import / export MIDI Automation !!!!).
For me it unthinkable to go silent so far on a single Palm. Any fawn not looking, he has no competitor vritable on this platform, and the best of them is the rank of editor relgu ringing phone. ;)

The question "How to compose his music anywhere anytime" now has its rponse that fits in the palm of your hand Bhajis Loops

Bhajis Loops is very affordable financirement, he is young, it matures, the updates are free, monitored, it is open to common formats (WAV export the songs on his PC, and ending for directly a memory card!).

Its true minimalist style graphics makes it readable without food and ergonomic performance.

There is a free player (pioopioo player) if you want to share songs with friends palms that do not use the editor (if vou sn'avez no friends, the official forum will vosu to find).

Also note that a small Bhajis Loops possde ERRF named Microbe destiny more use "live" down on the principle of short patterns is fun o modify synths time rel