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Music with touch devices user reviews

  • BeepStreet Sunrizer synth

    BeepStreet Sunrizer synth - "A superb Virtual Synth!"


    Good Very good It's a very good Virtual synthsize for iPad, for great price.…

  • Apogee Jam

    Apogee Jam - "Perfect solution for guitarists"


    The Apogee Jam is designed to allow you to record your guitar or bass into an iPad, iPhone or other Mac OS. It's about the size of a very small cell phone (even smaller) and does one thing and does it very well. I'm using it with an iPad and iPho…

  • iZotope iDrum

    iZotope iDrum - "Good for electronica"


    iZotope's iDrum is a program set up for those who need a solid electronica drum kit. It's set up to be easy to use, compatible with tons of devices (including the iPad) and sound fairly solid. I should mention right now that I deal with mostly heav…

  • IK Multimedia Amplitube 2 for iPad

    IK Multimedia Amplitube 2 for iPad - "Cool portable solution"


    This is basically the same thing as the iPhone and iPod Touch versions. IK Multimedia has tapped into Apple's highest selling devices in order to create a cool touch screen guitar modeler. That said, it's not the best thing in the world. There are…

  • Apple iPad

    Apple iPad - "Tablets are back"


    When I was a little kid I remember when Apple came out with the Newton. It was not very well received and died off pretty quickly. When the Ipad was announced many people thought it would be another Newton. There had been tablets on the market alread…

  • IK Multimedia iRig

    IK Multimedia iRig - "Interesting but not that great sounding"


    Given the popularity of the Apple touch products, it was only a matter of time when somebody decided to create some sort of software amps simulator for it. IK Multimedia has developed the AmpliTube iRig in an attempt to create some sort of rival to …

  • Apple iPhone 4

    Apple iPhone 4 - "Best phone yet"


    The Apple iPhone 4 is a completely redesigned version of the original iPhone that they released a few years back. This time, instead of the swooping back, it features a 100% rectangular design with beveled edges. This helps it be one of the thinnes…

  • Apple iPhone 3G

    Apple iPhone 3G - "The phone that put Apple on the map"


    While the original iPhone was the phone that brought Apple into the market, it was the release of the 3G that really bumped their sales to the point where they became legit competitors with RIM and the such. This phone features 8 GB or 16 GB of stor…

  • Apple iPad

    Apple iPad - "The touch pad that started it all"


    The Apple iPad is Apple’s first jump into the tablet world, and they took an interesting twist on it. Instead of having a laptop that doubles as a touch screen tablet, they ditched the keyboard all together in favor of a lightweight touch screen wit…

  • Apple iPad 2

    Apple iPad 2 - "Pretty pointless But cool"


    The apple iPad 2 is a very nice piece of apple technology. I personally do not see the point in the iPad other than playing the ipod touch games on a bigger screen. It is kind of like a macbook pro cross with an ipod touch, I am impressed with the p…