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Music with touch devices user reviews

  • arnova 7

    arnova 7 - "Low Price, but slow processor"


    I have used the Arnova 7 tablet a few times and at first glance it is a really nice looking tablet. It feels good in your hands and has a nice weight to it, but isn’t to heavy. It can support 720 HD videos and has 4GB of flash memory. I am not too su…

  • PG Music Band-in-a-Box for Android

    PG Music Band-in-a-Box for Android - "Interesting"


    I have been using the PG Band in a Box for my Droid device (Kindle Fire). When I first downloaded it from the app store I had a lot of concerns and didn’t want to just download something that would be “fun” and pointless. But after giving it a shot, …

  • IK Multimedia Sampletank for iOS

    IK Multimedia Sampletank for iOS - "Practical"


    Nearly 1 GB of different sounds, from piano to moog, wooden instruments and strings, it includes everything...when you buy the complete pack ($20). Which means it's a full expander for less than $30. Coupled with Mobile Keys from Line 6 for live u…

  • Apple iPad 2

    Apple iPad 2 - "overpriced"


    The Apple Ipad 2 is a lot of fun to have. I must admit I spend a lot of time on it downloading apps and playing games. But that’s just it, its all fun. I really wouldn’t be able to do too many emails or writing on it, because it’s a touch screen and …

  • Reason Studios Figure

    Reason Studios Figure - "Very nice app, but"


    You can't save your song!…

  • PreSonus Progression for Ipad

    PreSonus Progression for Ipad - "My fave iPad tab editor"


    This one is just too cool. After years on various notation and or tab programs from good stuff like Notion or Finale to horrid stuff like Guitar Pro being able to do it on the iPad is awesome. Progression lets you import Notion files obviously but a…

  • Arobas Music Guitar Pro App

    Arobas Music Guitar Pro App - "This one actually works..."


    Unlike the outrageously bad current version of Guitar Pro 6 for PC/OSX. Obviously it's down scaled version. Actually it started a tab player rather than an editor. If you needed to write tab on the iPad your option was Notion Music progression since …

  • TC Electronic PolyTune iPhone App

    TC Electronic PolyTune iPhone App - "Gotta love the app store..."


    I've had the stomp box version of the Polytune on my pedal board since the day it came out. My favorite tuner. I mean strum all strings to check if something is out of tune, in silence between tunes is so the way to go. When they released it in the …

  • Apogee Jam

    Apogee Jam - "Powerful"


    If you're using an iPad or iPhone, this is the way to get your instrument and audio signals into them to record, etc.! Built in A/D conversion and superior sound through the dock connector. No feedback from poor separation in the circuitry like iRig.…

  • Alesis iO Dock

    Alesis iO Dock - "very pleased with this"


    Sound is really nice and smooth on the alesis iO dock, a little less ultra high end than I get out of the ProFire, but nothing to complain about, sounds pretty analog to me...I don't see myself getting fatigued listening to the dock. I tried the Korg…