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Thread Pioneer CDJ-1000 CD Player.......$550

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1 Pioneer CDJ-1000 CD Player.......$550

Company Name:
Joas Musical Instruments
Email: instrumentspot@yahoo.com

We deal in all kinds of Musical Instruments/Electronics such as: Yamaha Products,Korg Products,Roland Products,Pioneer Products,Apple Product e.t.c
We wraps up Xmas bonanza
Please note that free shipping and discounts is available if you buy up to 10 units and also we shall give to you 2 unit free on every 5 units you buy and 1 unit free on every 3 unit you buy.

Here below are some company products for sale:


Pioneer CDJ-1000 CD deserves a place alongside the hard disks in the DJ booth. Unfortunately, the price that the player keep the house many professional DJs have it.It never feels too crowded. Inside, this player is very different from most CD players. It has a 16X CD drive that reads CDs and CD-R/RW data very quickly, and a large buffer, so you can scan back through the songs.

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