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Thread Please help me get this real audio site back asap!

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1 Please help me get this real audio site back asap!
Hi there. There used to be an awesome real audio site called Harem Sheiks real audio. And this real audio site had so many artists to choose from. Mostly this real audio website had 60's songs, and 70's songs, along with some 30's, 40's and 50's songs sprinkled in. And I miss this site so much! I started listening to this site in like May 2000, I believe. And now like every time I go to his site, it will not go to it. It goes to a totally different site now! It's a shame, really that he closed his site. His name was Bob, the webmaster of the site who created all of the music.

But he also called his website Harem Sheiks real audio. And there was another great real audio site, but the music format changed to .asf format along with .asx format. Now this site was called "Joe's Audio Paradise." I simply loved this music site so much also. And like every time I go to it, The site is totally gone for real. Like he took it off the world wide web. This is a shame really. And I am very upset about this as well. Is there any way to get this real audio site back for me, and also for other people as well? Then if the real audio site comes back, I will be so much happier for sure. Oh and on the Harem Sheiks real audio site, this Bob guy had about 900 selections in real audio of "Malt Shop Memories" music pages. And all of these songs were in real audio format as well. And there were like 900 selections to choose from! It was so nice to play all of these songs, back then when it worked.

Actually, to be honest this Malt Shop Memories real audio pages stopped working like 2 years ago. All of the real audio on this site, I believe worked in like midtime 2012, like July 2012, if I am not so certain. They had so many songs you can think of like 50's songs, and 60's songs, 70's songs. Big Band songs, and so on, and so forth. But now whenever I click on a song that I want to hear, it does not work at all anymore. It is so sad and depressing, I must say. It's so sad, it's a terrible thing. So if you can, please contact this Harem sheik person, I think he calls himself Bob. Please contact him as soon as possible for me. And also, please contact Joe from Joe's audio paradise for me. Asap, if these people are still around. Hopefully they still are around, that's all I can say on that one. And please get back to me as soon as possible. And I am sorry for the long letter. Forgive me, I know it's long, but I am very upset with this as you can see. So please get back to me soon. So thank you very much!