Electro-Harmonix Micro POG
Electro-Harmonix Micro POG

Micro POG, Octaver/Harmonizer/Whammy from Electro-Harmonix in the POG series.

MGR/Billy 02/19/2011

Electro-Harmonix Micro POG : MGR/Billy's user review

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This is the Micro Pog. 3 knob edition not the big boy with all the sliders. It offers an octave up, octave down and a dry knob which allows you to blend however much or little of the effected or straight signal sounds. POG stands for Polyphonic Octave Generator.

I first saw John Mayer use this and it got a crazy sound somewhere between a Hammond B3 organ and a 12 string guitar.

I bought one at my local music shop for $200. This pedal isn't cheap, but well worth it.

Simple and easy to use. The knobs do what they say they do! Sturdy and compact design. It fit on my pedal board no problem.

The In and Out jacks as well as the power jack are on the side. The tracking is excellent.

Not really much to complain about. Not sure if this is True Bypass or not, but then again if I can't tell does it really matter?

Well built. No complaints again. Solid box, the knobs feel good, switch kicks over nicely and the jacks are in usable spots.

Make your guitar sound like a completely different instrument! A fun pedal to mess with. You don't often see a pedal that allows the octave up option.

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