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Access Music Releases Virus TI OS v3.1.0.0

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News Access Music Virus TI OS3

Operating System from Access Music belonging to the Virus TI series

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Access Music has announced the availability of OS v3.1.0.0 for the entire Virus TI range of synthesizers.

The new version is based on the recent public beta builds and focuses on stability enhancements.

Changes since v3.0.1.15

TIOS Release:
  • HI: When turning the “intensity” knob with “character” being selected in the FX section, the parameter value is shown correctly now.
  • VC: VST3 plug-ins were not saving their state reliably.

TIOS Public Beta:
  • SE: Another possible crash when changing patches (fixed).
  • VC: LFO1>Osc1/Osc2 and LFO2>Cutoff1/2 were linked (fixed).
  • VC: Virus Control Amp EG Decay value doesn’t change Amp EG Release Value any longer.
  • VC: Resonance 1 and Resonance 2 can be edited independently now.
  • SE: Virus can crash when switching to Virus Control while input mode preset is selected (fixed).
  • SE: A possible cause for “sneezing” (sudden reboots) found and fixed.
  • VC: (Win) Protools crashes with Virus Control/Virus TI Snow (fixed).

TIOS Public Beta:
  • SE: Vocoder stops working when used with audio streaming through VC (fixed).
  • SE: Atomizer can crash or generate noise under certain circumstances (fixed).
  • VC: OS3 parameters not responding to Section Lock (fixed).
  • HI: (Virus TI Snow) MIDI In didn’t work under certain circumstances (fixed).
  • SE: Static input mode didn’t work as expected with Virus Control (fixed).
  • HI: Improvements to DSP heath checks.
  • SE: Possible crash when changing patches (fixed).
  • IN: wrong product name in Windows Vista User Account Control message (fixed).
  • VC: In VST3 Plug-Ins, all parameters are grouped in parts now and can be automated without mapping.

TIOS Release:
  • SE: Atomizer can crash when switching in between patches (fixed).

TIOS Public Beta:
  • SE: Crash when changing FX parameters under certain circumstances (fixed).

TIOS Public Beta:
  • HI: Improved recovery of volume and other parameters after crash.
  • SE: Internal improvement to memory handling.

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