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Linux 64Studio

64Studio, Operating System from Linux.

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muxol 05/20/2007

Linux 64Studio : muxol's user review


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Installation ok
Difficult to recognize the hard drives! bad
the sata and 2 ide not found

screen resolution problems

on my laptop as the system disk
is not accessible

by against the FREEBOBS!
the presonus FIREPOD recognized directly
thanks to jackd
I took this distribution
just to test the freebobs

the general config looks easy
(Not read the manual)


Tyan k8se
2x Opteron 240
3 GB RAM ecc
efficient and stable!

xmms + jack + Ardour + terminatorx = OK
Hydrogen (drum machine) = crash with jack


I use it for 3 days ...
I am very happy to finally
try firewire sound cards under Linux
it's full of times (Mandriva, etc.)
I have the freebobs that do not work!

Free Software / / / someone calculated
the cost of free software? lol

with experience, I think I'll go back
APODIO going to go out in early July a new version!
because the basic configuration is not complete enough

and pure data ... I never found the same booksellers
in the APODIO (including moonlibs joystick for usb
I can not install here)