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lovenunu 10/09/2011

Linux Ubuntu Studio : lovenunu's user review

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Audience: Beginners
For installation ... I can not talk about it, because I assembled house: I had a Ubuntu 10.04 original, so installing a kernel RT, jackd, compiling ffado for my F-66, etc ... adour2
But to get an idea, I'm trying to download the 11.04 (for 4 days remaining before the release of 11.10: p), but the alternate, when we used it goes well, on the other hand for beginners ... Ooch!


I have always used an old P4 2.8Ghz, 2GB DDR, 2GB swap, F-66 with 3DD IDE: a 160GB, a 80GB and a 40GB

I just have them a few problems of lags for a mastering with Jamin ... but we can blame for compiz-fusion that would eat a lot:-p
It's ubuntu, so we will still not find the true power of linux you can have no GUI on a debian:)


I use it for a year or so, along with Cubase (VST forces, and lack of power to run and Addictive drums with AmpliTube wineasio).
I could make some distros studio of debian, opensuse, fedora, Mandriva and Gentoo.
Although I am a strong advocate of free, I know recognize his weakness and a severe lack of comprehensive and specialized effects is clear today (simulated guitar amps, drums, piano), which can be found in the proprietary world. There are many apps as guitarix, rakkarack or hydrogren, but the result is far less beautiful than AmpliTube, guitar rig or TH2, addictive drums or ez drummer.
Anyway, I do not make me worry about that, and I know it will evolve, and in a few years, we will also effect our high quality instruments!
The quality / price ratio is non-existent, it tends to + infinity! :)
For this choice again, would have to get an idea about the world of the apple in music production, but I think that even with a mac, I would continue to use it:)