Microsoft Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows Vista

Windows Vista, Operating System from Microsoft in the Windows series.

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Emotype 09/28/2007

Microsoft Windows Vista : Emotype's user review


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Lenovo already installed on Vista Business
everything is installbr />
Easy config close to windows xp service level background virtual memory etc.

All my devices are recognized

my m audio firewire solo has a beta driver that works

no manual, but who does not need


Thinkpad R61 Core 2 Duo 1.8 ghz
1 GB RAM (4 GB soon)

m audio firewire solo
alesis usb midi keyboard

absynth reaktor (all native instrument actually)

vmware to run linux ubuntu studio

aero without the perf with 1 GB of RAM is more than acceptable
I appreciate the fact that the ram and the gpu is used for all stains and leaves open the graphics processor (the only thing really new in fact)
which in my case is trs interresting because doing only the synthesis and not reading sample loading ram, I take almost all the power of Intel Core 2 Duo for the engine and reaktor absynth ...
no need to install modules compatibilitbr /> This can be from the fact that it is a business version (dig)

is stable no crashes other than lack of RAM when active aero (mmais any type blue screen crash or fatal error, just that I ralentissemnet v limit with 4 GB of RAM)
in fact it is as stable as xp and faster although in saying the advice I read everywhere

but of course it cost to invest no more than a mac ....


I use it for one month
and I did not try to reinstall XP PRO

I love the fluidity, the rapid opening of window
the resource for that big synth work on the process

I like the general atmosphere less futuristic too soft for me but I do not care I'm working on the interface of those apps grafik

quality price report was nothing but nothing otherwise you work for free

I tried all the bones available for PC and Mac to make mao

and yes this one works for the computer music

I do it again this choice because the progress is at risk calculbr />
and to answer to critics who are most often "it's expensive to go vista"
or "I'm tired of making the computer I want to make music"
if you want to keep his card isa and PIII for the mao and much better to buy the hard stop and the computer
otherwise have to read manuals and tips n tricks in a week and work your mobo
and thou shalt music

hello word to the wise