Microsoft Windows XP professional
Microsoft Windows XP professional

Windows XP professional, Operating System from Microsoft in the Windows series.

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Microsoft Windows XP professional : Anonymous 's user review


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Yesh bah what windows is, do not ask for customization grows (well the way I look UXthemepatcher mac, msn an all custom and all, and I optimized the mess to my sauce:

installing XP PRO SP2 + installation + installation of some of wall and so I + turns all that is pointless (media player ...), installation of drivers stratgiques (asio4all) = windows under acidic homemade

... installation of vital things only ... hop it, the audio here is my station ...


Bah, Sempron 2600 +, 768 MB RAM, 160 GB hard drive 40, CD ... crappy video card (asus but good shit what a ati radeon that runs barely quake III) ...

a flat screen 17 "Hunday B70A which the silent era Whereas as one of the best ... I recommend the use of a real good catch, not much but it's no joke more enjoyable ...


Listen, I'm a Linux user at the base ...

then, since I make music, that is to say several years ...

what I like? uh ... software running on it.

I dtest? uh ... microsoft?

I tried tons of Linux distributions from ultra machinbidule alpha 0.000001unstable pif pocket from the last until the end of the Fedora and RedHat sponsored by IBM ... gnial really, but highly entertaining and informative ultra trainer ... but not for me, because the era was the linux audio ... um ... and then I think I wanted to have a girlfriend one time or another, I think my guitar Premire ... and voila, things went wrong and I became a big rock star ... casually ca windows can worry about anything other than its OS ...

all the mac intrt that grows at the height of perfection computer: good hardware, and more beautiful, and their phones have a notch made in sony, a carbon hull I think, a low OS FreeBSD (a super good OS, similar to Linux) has the origin (Mac OS X) ... but a graphical ultra beautiful and I find the software "as a PC" with cubase, reason, rebirth and so on ^ ^ ... and designed with a view or you can do more than tweak your OS because you have software that can be cratifs ... good as a PC, but I want a portable 13 "white under any version of unix (Mac OS X) easy to use interface with a pretty good step and a more oriented crativit Originally ...
preferences and implantable guaranteed, I want to do live with!

price over quality shit ... really. Windows is everywhere, the XP is amortized dveloppement of a billion times, it should be virtually free, right?