Roland V-Combo VR-09
Roland V-Combo VR-09

V-Combo VR-09, Organ from Roland in the V-Combo series.

Phil Harmonic Mixité 08/29/2013

Roland V-Combo VR-09 : Phil Harmonic Mixité's user review

« ROLAND V-Combo VR-09 / serious competitor to the "Great of this world" »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Roland Keyboards Organs - VR09
Roland Organ with three sound engines, Organ, Piano and Synth, Drums -------- 88 Notes
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------

- Provision of clear and simple controls for intuitive operation

- Sound Generator Organ: Virtual Tone Wheel organs with 9 harmonics

- Functions of the transistor organ modeling (Organ "Vox")

- COSM Technology (Rotary Effect)

- Piano 88 keys multi-sampled

- Engine synth series SH-01 (compatible with iPad editor)

- Split and Layer Function

- Compressor, Overdrive, Delay, Reverb, Tone, MFX, rotary
(7 intuitive simultaneous effects possible)

- Effects of insertions:
more than 13 variable parameters for organs (excluding MFX)
more than 41 global effects for work sounds
ALL SOUNDS are editable

- DUAL Mode: superposition of two tones (split or not)
- Portamento, Transpose
- Looper built
- Rhythm Patterns

REGISTRATIONS: Registrations backup machine 100 and / or USB. Saves labor and sounds make any songs

- USB port for recording songs and sound settings
- Mains operation or 8 AAA batteries LR6
- Adjustable LCD screen and illuminated correctly (tried out)
- Function D-BEAM: hand flying a sensor for activating effects or control other commands

pure Roland with a significant improvement on the effect of organ sounds and felt

Organs / Piano / Synth / Drum Kit


Damper / Expression / pick In (pedal organ) / Phones / MIDI in-out / Ext input (external audio player) / Output LR (output amplifier) ​​/ USB (PC connection for static data MIDI) - DC In (feed 240V transformer supplied or eight LR6 1.5V AAA (auto switching power supply)
V-LINK for control of video effects and lights to the rhythm of the game

options: Pedals (expression, damper, foot switch) - Cover or Case - USB - Pedal Organ - Headphones - Stand


The feel is smooth and semi-light, it is perfect for lead licks fast and crooked, aftertouch is an honest and almost intuitive at first sensitivity, which was confirmed later. The keyboard is quiet and does not sound as tapping plastic buttons, mechanical is silent for a camera of this caliber.

In French and included in PDF on the site ROLAND CE. Complete and explicit it is after many hours intuitive (I come after two months)
Just missing the sound banks and DATA Drum Kit (for itself from the adventure it seems)

easy as pie, just refer to our experiences or manual

MIDI CHANNEL SELECTION: simple qu'élémentaire


The organ sounds compete with NORD and HAMMOND

Omission of other editors about the questionable quality of organ sounds, important variable parameters are determined over time:

All sounds can be worked to the desired grain
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------


- The zippers are their office

- 7 precision parameters to refine the tone wheel to perfection
(Without relying on 7 live and cumulative effects listed above)

- 25 levels of attenuation or bass boost and treble

SIMULATION making surround sound proximity (as in the days of our models):

- 32 levels of noise simulation flight cabins also
32 levels of audible clicks for driving as well as the keys are released

- All delays can be re-configured

- The vibrato and chorus share are qualities well as number 3

Traditional, nothing new at Roland matter but what do banks and sounds are not so substantial in number, they are not included in the instructions but in an addendum PDF lol

Sounds perfectly suited to blues-rock currently practiced and the pop and variety.


I also use daily for 4 months in rehearsal and live soon.
I intend to also connect it to the active Mackie 300W stereo with a good subwoofer 400W, just to ensure return outside and ensure sound in my mid-sized rooms. (Essential expression)

-------------------------------------------------- -------------
This almost made my default choice: one octave more would have been welcome to ensure good splits, lack of stock on the market (the dropper, Roland does not believe in do you say it), the obligation to take a pedal EV5 (are better) instead of EV7,
account also drop and too expensive for my taste for little mechanical difference
(High and low setting stops on EV7) = Boss Roland.

-------------------------------------------------- --------------

I tried the North and Hammond through my surroundings, I hesitated between SK1 and it, and that made me look for this model are:

price, weight, working logic Roland sounds and of course
quality sounds "almost" like mail Hammond
and an intuitive work that reminds us that this is not the machine that must order
(Korg is sometimes too heavy on the matter) so it offers very nice features
with details that also make a difference.

For Design = No comment, it's clean and quality buttons, knobs and actuators is very correct.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------

Essentially, we must not forget that this device is a synth
so it must be somewhat hard work sounds for
as expected, with this device results so it is playable and possible!

Just for fun:
At our last rehearsal, blues rock big sounds good penetrating point and very dirty
rhythmic and harmonic although very elegant, guitarist stopped playing,
bluff by the groans of the U.S. Strato which engendered harmonics without
he had to play, because in the next moment the silence of the strings it was found that the VR09 was essentially the same harmonic, although connected to a studio console good quality and on her a Marshall lamp ;)

Although grain Hammond is not 100% reproducible it is now "almost" matched, simply bosser its sounds as bump his repertoire, it is the essence of a synth
it allows us to.

I'm not a professional, so this model is perfect for me.

And as I do not like like everyone else, so I opted for this friendly and energetic machines full of hidden resources that I continue to explore every day.

Excellent keyboard extra for Blues Rock, I recommend,
a gem of technology and to be a small price very convincing.

I now judge in time and wear.
Good zic all

ps: battery operating time 8:30 (I was able to take a vacation to bosser my new book, Onstage 5:00)