Roland V-Combo VR-09
Roland V-Combo VR-09

V-Combo VR-09, Organ from Roland in the V-Combo series.

My Absolut 11/15/2013

Roland V-Combo VR-09 : My Absolut's user review

«  A perfect intuitive keyboard for live »

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5 Octaves

One hundred sounds, divided into four parts, organ keyboard synth and rhythm.

USB twelve o'clock etc.


Touch is basic, it's synth-based. We are used to this kind of touch. This is for live.

Setup is simple, everything is obvious logic.

The manual is clear.


It is a keyboard for all styles. Caution is the general anyway. But this is also its strength. The effects section is particularly successful, it sounds great.

I love the piano, violins and organs. A little less synths. It lacks a bit.

The expression is great, no problem.


2 months of use.

I tested the Nord Lead Stage 88, the VR-09 without the food problem on the piano. It replaces a Korg SP 250 for the scene in my case. While the feel of 250 is better, but the VR-09 the food on her. Only RD 700 competes with him for piano sounds, and kills to touch and expressiveness. I hesitated with the Korg SV-1 which I find sexy, dressing a little plastoc the vr-09 does not like the comparison, but the touch is a little heavy knew the SV-1 for my taste.


- The weight, when you do lives you understand why it counts.
- The effect section.
- Pianos other organs but also the most anyway.
- Price.
- Ease of programming sounds very logical, intuitive to death.

The least

- We have an I-Pad for the publisher, and I when I see working condition at Mac. Bhen I do not want. ROLAND made a mistake by forcing people to go through mac. I'm sure they will change their minds in strength is critical that many of us do.

So yes I do it again the same choice, if you have to live, this keyboard is ideal. And I think ROLAND was this philosophy. This is a super versatile keyboard conclude with a sound unlike any other.