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Eyosido Software eyoControl v1.2

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Eyosido has released eyoControl 1.2 for iPad including a new MIDI controller, Transport, result of a collaboration between Eyosido Software and audio software professional developer Vincent Burel (vb-audio).

Transport is a  transport bar controlling basic playing abilities of your Mac/Windows based DAW or recorder software, in the studio or live environments:

  • Timecode display, supporting multiple timecode formats and state indicators.
  • Play/Stop/Record/Fast Forward/Rewind buttons.
  • Scrub wheel, with associated scrub button.
  • Landscape and portrait orientations (lockable).
  • Enable/disable loop mode.
  • Compatible with the Mackie Control Protocol.

Features compatible with Logic:

  • Mark beginning and end of loops.
  • Set/clear markers and navigate over them (prev/next).

eyoControl also includes other MIDI controllers such as a control surface, a drum pad, a double keyboard, a multi- X/Y controller.

New in eyoControl 1.2:

  • Transport, new controller: transport bar with scrub wheel and timecode display, to remotely control basic playing/recording abilities of your DAW/recording software.
  • Surface 1.2:.
  • . new timecode display (all digits, better accuracy).
  • . new scrub wheel behavior (similar to Transport).
  • . slight graphic update, few items moved around.
  • iPad does not go idle anymore while controllers are running.
  • Controller's orientation can be locked in any orientation mode from Preferences.
  • eyoControl Server mode: the default eyoControl instance name is no more a random name but the iPad's name.
  • Smaller controller icons on the Library page.
  • Help button on top of the Library page.
  • Fixes for app staying long periods in background.


Users of the optional eyoControl Server must upgrade to the latest version of the server

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