Tama TW100 Tension Watch
Tama TW100 Tension Watch
San 03/02/2005

Tama TW100 Tension Watch : San's user review


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For a few years I have, I'm not ...
APRs have remont disassemble and changed his skin,
m'tre and muffles used in pulling his own hair
order to eliminate the spurious harmonics
tension caused by poor skin,
I finally bought the watch tension ...
Well, I must say that it's great:
More bad harmonics, just a well-rounded good reason.
I play with Remo Ambassador in strikes and Evans resonant reasoning.
I tend a little less skin typing ...
It was quite a CONTRL prcis voltage (for single skin) ...
I deprecated for skin type Pinstripes ...
Operation: trs simple.
You put on a flat surface to calibrate (the zero-rgler)
and then you put it on the skin 1-2 cm from the pulling and you will be ...
So for all tie ... For good measure,
place it 2-3 times and average of the measure.
The measurement is given by the quadrant of a rod intermdiaire
located on the bottom ...
It's a bit expensive but it works well and you do not need
to stick anything on the skin to control the sound ...
And it is more reliable than the cls dynamomtriques ...