Tama TW100 Tension Watch
Tama TW100 Tension Watch
Zavierxp 10/31/2004

Tama TW100 Tension Watch : Zavierxp's user review


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I just bought it, well, might as well say right away, it's a nice gadget, expensive, and I doubt the real accuracy (no control of weights and measures, for example).. For utility, ca can assure just before a concert, to install the gear, help if there is a lot of hype about ... For a drum tech for example?

But let the tests:
Well, setting the snare .... And much to my surprise ... I'm not that bad ...
My tension, taken in the ear, are almost all just ... And for the rest, it's the same ... So at home, no use! ... But I still noted the tension .... slol
For a pro? I'm not, so I know Po .... lol
It is not a cherry stem for us poor amateurs drummers, artists or pseudo proven ...
Go, a small 2 j'met for doubt (well, j'vous say with time, if 1 or 3) ... lol

Go to the ENT, it is more useful!

A promise due
He that never changed my mind I cast the first stone!
I took all my tensions, and spent two days to test ... Well, it damn well!
I noticed each time (no chance of losing the right setting !)...
My sound is much better! And the kick, my god ....
Unfortunately, a snare drum core, is a snare ..... Basic ... snifff
Come on, the jewel is worth more than 3 ... An 8 would be more appropriate!
But it's mega expensive! Qd same ...